Real-time decision support superior handling of emergencies, incidents and crises



CityShob’s corporate solution ensures business continuity by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs associated with operations and maintenance while simultaneously providing safety, security and resilience for your business operation and assets. Smart sensing, advanced analytics, connectivity and collaboration comprise a fully integrated monitoring solution for the business industry that delivers real-time situational awareness and manages threats and operational risks before they materialize. With matchless competence, the CityShob corporate solution provides a Unified Situational Awareness Picture, real-time analytics, management of multiple sensor types, and resilient communications. The system provides real-time decision support to enable effective and safe daily operations, and superior handling of emergencies, incidents and crises.
The solution generates unique and actionable insights for decision-makers, integrating data from all relevant sources with our clients’ operational knowledge and existing processes to help them better anticipate events, make smarter decisions, improve daily operations and respond more efficiently.

CityShob’s Corporate Solution supports efficient and safe operations and mitigates the impact of emergencies and incidents on people, assets and the environment.

  • Real-time organization-wide common information picture
  • Proactive corporate risk identification, assessment and mitigation
  • Improved readiness and management of events, emergencies and incidents
  • Effective operational results from the fusion of, and application of analytics to disparate safety and operations
  • Enhanced compliance with best-in-class emergency procedures
  • Continuous learning and improvement through event debriefings

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