CityShob Solutions enable operators and managers, cities and law enforcement agencies to simultaneously reduce their risk profile, increase safety, enable a deep understanding of the threats of each incident, increase operating efficiencies and enhance the overall experience that they can deliver to participants and spectators.


    Make cities safer, more livable and resource efficient through data driven proactive management


    Gain an immediate incident picture and carry out investigations with maximum effectiveness

  • critical assets

    React quickly to incidents and execute vital actions. Proactively manage critical assets


    Control and manage corporate assets and react quickly in the event of an incident

By combining big data analytics with advanced technology and connected devices (IoT), our game-changing smart city solutions help cities do a number of crucial tasks – from controlling and managing all municipal aspects under their domain, to optimizing resource usage, protecting vital assets, and unlocking new opportunities to enhance future security, efficiency, service and wellbeing of a city’s citizens.


  • Safety & Security

    • Emergency Response
    • Critical Assets
    • Complex Management
    • Traffic Management
    • Crowd Management
    • Alerts & Recommendations
    • Event Management
    • Suspect Monitoring
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Operational Dashboards
  • Assets & Resource Optimization

    • Multi-Agencies Collaboration
    • First Responder’s Platform
    • C-Share | Public Notifications
    • Smart Street Lighting
    • Smart Parking
    • Smart Bin Management
    • Public Transportation Monitoring
    • Environmental Monitoring
  • Investigation & Prediction

    • Investigation Tools
    • Objects Detection & Tracking
    • Suspect Management
    • Behaviour Analysis
    • Learning Mechanisms
    • Social Media Enrichment
    • Data Visualization
    • Analytics Dashboards

If you’d like to learn more about CityShob, please contact us. We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship.