CC-Insight platform provide PEMEX corporate the most advanced integrated solution to secure, control and monitor the refinery site’s entire arena, within the site, surroundings and the maritime area.

The CITYSHOB Critical Assets unique solution blend between operational, technical and design expertise based on a deep understanding and breadth of experience in critical assets threats, risks and impacts. This drives the solution to ensure that site problems are addressed using the most appropriate technology and procedures.

By using the dedicated elements, sensors and sub system the C-Insight platform will fuse data from a wide variety of existing and newly deployed sensors and sub-systems which include for example:

  • Wide range of cameras – Fix, PTZ, thermal and extended range cameras
  • Advanced Video Analytics capabilities
  • Vehicle recognition and monitoring – License Plate Recognition (LPR) and RFID systems
  • Pedestrian recognition and monitoring – Face Recognition, Access Control and visitors capabilities
  • Perimeter and maritime monitoring – Smart fence, analytics and other unique systems.
  • C-React units – for security forces responder’s
  • Other customer systems and data

C-Insight has been designed from ground-up to be a multi-site multi-agency hierarchy solution, by that the corporate can benefit from investing once in a scalable platform solution, that can grow with the cooperate current and future needs.

CITYSHOB’s C-Insight platform is the project nerve center, where results of data collection and analysis from all connected elements, decisions are made, and responses are managed. The platform provides enhanced situational awareness, improved the site security, process efficiency, and the means to proactively manage, maintain, and damage and loss provision. The system integrates and analyzes data derived from various sensors and devices, installed throughout the site, fuses information from existing systems used daily by security stakeholders and produces a real-time situational view of the security and status of assets and personnel.


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