The Aguascalientes Project is designed to supply a command-and-control system to the state of Aguascalientes in Mexico. The project was carried out ‘end-to-end’ by SYM Servicios Integrales – a leading integrator in safe and smart city projects throughout Latin America.

Within this framework, CityShob provided the C-Insight platform as the project’s comprehensive Command and Control system.

A Multi-Layered Approach

The C-Insight platform allows a multi-dimensional approach, providing a clear overview and full operational capabilities on multiple levels, simultaneously.

  • Tactical – Activating forces and first responders, enabling short response times to events
  • Operative – Activating forces and first responders, enabling short response times to events
  • Strategic – Offering an integrated and holistic situational awareness picture, by identifying trends and enabling accurate forecasting.

The Aguascalientes project was a large-scale project, including the setup and implementation of multiple modules and capabilities:

  • Deployment of the C5 HQ to enable over 100 agents and high-level officers to operate.
  • The addition of 10 local Command and Control (C2) centers, bringing smart city benefits to the authorities scattered throughout the region.
  • Providing the C-Share application, which allows citizens to report emergencies and urban hazards conveniently via smartphones.
  • Equipping Security officials and First Responders with tablets (C-React) allowing for easy reaction and better handling of events in the field.

The deployment of C-Insight as part of the SITEC-5 project is an example of another successful project of the CityShob company, a project that combines a variety of unique and advanced capabilities and technologies.

The C-Insight Platform

As part of the project, a wide range of subsystems and sensors were integrated into a single, unified, holistic system that allows for better coordination and control between the various organizations.

  • Integration of VMS systems that operate over 3000 cameras throughout the city
  • 480 Panic  buttons installed throughout the city
  • Integration with ANPR systems interfaced with 220 dedicated cameras
  • Integration of advanced analytics and facial recognition systems
  • Integration with the CAD system to dispatch first responders
  • Integration with an integrative management system of public transportation throughout the country that includes a dimension of safety, security and maintaining a level of service

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