An application that enables citizens to report “SOS” alerts direct to emergency and municipality agencies via their smartphone and municipalities to communicate emergency information with citizens


  • Report

  • Response

  • Investigation & Analytics

Report empowers residents by allowing them to report on hazards and incidents and call in emergency 911
Communication C5-Chiapas allows the municipality to engage with residents in a 2-way (optional) e-communication channel
Around me a GIS based module that allows the municipality to send relevant information according to residents location
Reply message by using a 2-way (optional) e-communication channel, the emergency services and municipality agencies can send residents messages which enable them to “Reply” and send more information






In case of emergency the citizen can press the SOS button and create an event on the system which reports directly to the police department with the citizen location and phone number. The police operator will handle the citizen emergency event and the system will automatically allocate the relevant cameras covering the event area and provide the relevant procedural guide to the operator.



The citizen can observe any activity in the area and report an event.

  • The event report will contain the category, subcategory, photos, video, audio recording and text.
  • According to the event message category, the system will automatically send the event message to all the relevant agencies.
  • The operator will handle the citizen event and the system will automatically allocate the relevant information and cameras which cover the event area and provide the relevant procedural guide to the operator.


The customer can communicate with citizens by sending a message with relevant information according to the citizens’ location. The customer can send several types of messages such as;

  • Information message
  • “Reply” message
  • Customized reply message.

The citizen can see all message history.



  • Global emergency service
  • Customized ​residents application
  • Multi-agencies support
  • An optional 2-way e-communication channel
  • SOS Button – send SOS Message
  • Event Report – send Event Message
  • Direct call to police emergency service
  • Encrypted communication system – Text, Picture, Video and Voice
  • Get messages from residents
  • Review all message history
  • Share and invite friends
  • Help

Download the App

  • SOS button send SOS message
  • Event report send event message

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