C-Insight integrates boundless amounts of data from multiple sources, including sensory, visual and mobile data, GIS maps, social media, connected devices (IoT), open sources and more. The data is processed and analyzed to deliver actionable insights that optimize operations, enhance decision making and ensure transparent communications with community members.


  • WHAT
    is happening?

    Sensors & video Management
    is it happening?

    Situational Awareness
  • HOW

    Operations/Information Management



    • Event management
    • All system alerts are received as pop-ups, and added to the events list
    • Decision support tools
    • All event-related data and video saved in the system


    • Capturing and recording high quality video from many types of sensors
    • Analytics – vehicle tracking, people tracing, face recognition, queue monitoring, unattended baggage, loitering and more
    • Effective video management
    • Online/offline video investigations
    • Long-term video archiving management


    • USAP: Unified Situational Awareness Picture
    • Different layers, using the GIS model:
      • Sensors
      • Hospitals
      • Schools
      • Police stations
      • Governmental areas
      • Buildings


  • Auto Detect and Alert on Incidents
  • Monitor Conditions
  • Indentify Patterns and Trends
  • Investigate Incidents and Suspects
  • Enhanced Communication with Field Officers
  • Facilitate Citizen Reports
  • Monitor Social Media



  • Budget & Time to Production

    Start seeing the impact - in less than 8 weeks with moderate investment. Most to all of existing investments will be utilized and will not be wasted.

  • Real-time ‘Big Picture’ View

    Cross-domain and multi-agency collaboration provides a real-time “big picture” view to all stakeholders, to support efficient responses and optimise resources.

  • Rapid Distribution of Information

    Intuitive feature-rich interface features advanced multi-organization support, user management and social media monitoring, enabling quick dispatching and distribution of information.

  • One Stop-Shop

    CityShob’s single platform connects all data sources to manage all the city's needs.

  • Predictive Capabilities

    Proactive simulation, to prepare for planned and unexpected events.

  • Continuous Actionable Insight at all Levels

    The only solution in the market providing city managers with the continuous actionable insight that helps them manage key assets with complete confidence.

  • Flexibility & Scalability

    Each city tells its own story, as it has its unique set of problems.
    Our solution is built to be tailored and customized to each city’s specific needs.
    We provide complete integration with any sensory device to leverage existing assets and streamline future integration.

  • Superior Analytics

    Uses high-quality video from a wide range of sensors including face recognition, vehicle tracking, GPS and more. Our faster, smarter and more flexible processing capabilities identify trends, define behavior patterns, yield municipal insights and drive immediate action.


If you’d like to learn more about CityShob, please contact us. We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship.