December 6, 2017


Authorities invest huge sums of money in infrastructures and separate subsystems that have no connection between them and the ability of decision-makers to control what is happening in these infrastructures and subsystems is limited”. The technology and data have the power to make our cities, critical assets and corporations safer, smarter and more prosperous places for all citizens. But due to the inter-connected nature of data ecosystems, getting a true picture of what’s happening in your organization is increasingly difficult.

"One of the most important challenges of the smart city concept is smart and proper management of its assets," says Noam Maoz, CEO of CityShob.

CityShob provides solutions for smart management of the city's assets, based on intelligent analytics and various applications, which enable us to receive a unified situational awareness picture of what is happening.

According to Maoz, the hard core of asset management is the processing and analysis of the vast amount of information flowing from each of the municipal infrastructures. "It's true that the authorities have tools for managing the data, and that's important, but the challenge is the level of analysis that can give an immediate indication of what is happening," says Maoz. "We provide the tools that can connect all of the sensors, data, subsystems and BI systems that exist in the city's infrastructure and create a unified situational awareness picture of the city's urban systems, which is received in the city’s municipal command and control systems. At the same time, urban applications can be connected to our solution, in which citizens can report any mishaps and unusual events to the municipality. This is very important information, onto which we also perform intelligent analysis, and present it visually, in various formats."

At Expo Seguridad in Mexico, which will take place April 24-26, 2018, CityShob will present one of its largest projects - in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. The company has established, together with a local partner, an operational control center connected to 6,000 cameras and 2,500 sensors spread throughout the city. The operating center - which is, in fact, a control center - can monitor and control any event in the city in real time, whether infrastructure damage or malfunction, or tracking events and people. The system presents analytical information in a visual format, including real-time video, and is also connected to local police systems, which helps to enhance the personal security of the city's residents - a critical issue in this city.

“This is one of our flagship projects, and we expect to complete the network and connect all the sensors, subsystems, disaster recovery center, C5 and C2 centers in the coming months. Within a year, Guadalajara's command systems will be able to intelligently manage the information coming from cameras and sensors, including those relating to unusual events, such as unusual movement around a school or any other activity,” says Maoz.


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