Digital Tools that Help First Responders Respond Better & Faster

In cities around the world, emergency responders and operators have a common objective: public safety. As smartphones, devices, and sensors evolve to allow for more interconnectivity, communities are becoming more resilient, allowing for earlier and improved alerts, warnings and notifications. One such product which is improving emergency preparedness in smart cities is C-React, CityShob’s fully integrated, tablet-based, first responder application.

First responders face a myriad of challenges:

·      Ensuring effective and timely responses to protect people and property.

·      Identifying, communicating, and mitigating any risks or threats.

·      Accomplishing administrative requirements and tactical response.

·      Querying databases to gain as much information as possible.

·      Responding to dynamic events that may vary in scale over the course of the event.

·      Coordinating personnel, resources, and pedestrian/vehicular traffic around an event.

·      Attaining and maintaining situational awareness of the response location, responding personnel, the patient’s condition, and availability of nearby emergency medical facilities.

·      Working in highly stressful situations and conditions where sights, sounds, smells, and other sensations can cause emotional and physiological responses and risks to well-being.

·      Coordinating between agencies.

Introducing C-React, a tablet-based application for first responders

C-React serves first responders as an information support, investigative tool and detection mechanism for different types of incidents. Firstly, it helps first responders respond to incidents more quickly and in a more informed way. Secondly, it makes it easier for first responders to gain accurate situational awareness and to share information that improves cooperation with other emergency services.

Incident data that supports investigation scenarios

C-React provides relevant incident data, such as a description of the incident, its location and surveillance video footage. It can be extended to support rapid investigation scenarios by providing policemen with all the necessary means to investigate a case, capture and store evidence, gain immediate access to multiple internal data sources and monitor suspects online.

Real-time interactions that improve public safety

C-React devices are being introduced globally to first responder agencies, such as fire departments, ambulances, police, providing a real-time rich interaction channel between the officer and command center as well as on-the-go investigation tools – leading to increased public safety and improved municipal services.

Complete digitalization of field officer tasks

C-React runs on a modern tablet with advanced technological capabilities. By using the tablet’s embedded capabilities as a camera, GPS receiver, high-resolution screen and constantly connected device, the application can provide an unprecedented working tool for first responders and field officers, complementing or even replacing existing tools.

First responders operate in a dynamic environment. Failure to constantly monitor, assess, and evaluate the ever-changing possibilities and human factors during an event can cause undue loss of property, injuries, and/or death to the first responders and citizens.

Digital tools such as C-React are revolutionizing the way first responders do their jobs, providing citizens with improved safety and peace of mind. Learn more about how C-React can help your smart city at https://cityshob.com/products/c-react/








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