CityShob believes technology and data have the power to make our cities safer, smarter and more prosperous places for all citizens. But due to the inter-connected nature of a city’s data ecosystems, getting a true picture of what’s happening in a city is increasingly difficult. At CityShob, we join the dots between multiple data systems, and go an important step further, by enabling actionable operational management of all a city’s vital assets.

Strategic Holistic Solutions for Cities, Critical Assets and Corporations

CityShob connects millions of data sources to create one actionable platform that manages all the assets of a city, critical asset or corporation. The CityShob Platform is a multi-domain, multi-agency, multi-sensor, IoT analytics driven platform which offers advanced applications and solutions.

CITYSHOBStrategic Holistic Operational Behavior

CityShob is an innovative, fast-growing, smart city enabler, backed by over a decade of experience and proven solutions deployed in cities around the world. We provide a full turn-key service for implementing advanced technology in cities, corporations or critical assets of any size. CityShob’s leading-edge products support future growth, increase security preparedness and improve efficiency. Our comprehensive and tailored solutions are modular and scalable, delivering advanced data analytics, and a wide range of applications and professional services – giving both public and private sectors the tools for smarter operational management and more informed decision-making.


  • Noam Maoz - CEO & Co-Founder

    Noam Maoz CEO & Co-Founder

    Noam Maoz has a passion for shaping the future development of smart city and IoT solutions. Prior to founding CityShob, he served as the IoT Solution Architect at Logic Industries where he created customer-centric solutions for multiple domains including the Homeland Security, Smart and Safe City, Entertainment, IoT, Analytics, Intelligence, and Commercial fields. As R&D Division Manager, he was responsible for managing 110 developers, QAs, DBAs and integrator teams. As VP R&D at InnovaShare, he helped organizations achieve high efficiency and compliance in their product development cycles (PLM) and at EZface he was R&D Manager for its applications and infrastructure teams.

  • Niv Levin - VP Products

    Niv Levin VP Products

    Niv Levin is an engineer at heart with extensive international sales experience dealing with government, defence and homeland security. As SVP Presales in the RTNC Group, he focused on intelligence, security and defence in Africa and Asia. In his roles as Solution Architect in AGT International, and Senior Pre-Sale System Engineer at Logic Industries he developed customer-centric solutions in the fields of Homeland Security, Smart and Safe City, Entertainment, Airports, IoT, Analytics and Intelligence. At Logic Industries, he served as System Engineer and Technical Manager responsible for defining entire site solutions of high-end multi-disciplinary homeland security projects. Niv also worked at Elbit Systems on military projects for airborne systems and C4I systems for ground forces.

  • Tom Caino - VP R&D

    Tom Caino VP R&D

    Tom Caino is a software expert with vast experience in designing, architecting and carrying out complex distributed systems on both cloud and premise environments. Over the last decade he led and managed R&D teams & groups in the domains of Smart & Safe Cities and Healthcare IT.

    In his previous role as Software Unit Manager & Architect at Philips, he led a global development group and acted as product owner of various products on the Phillips Healthcare Cloud Platform.

    As Global Core Group Manager at Logic Industries, Tom’s responsibilities included designing, architecting and implementing the Smart & Safe City solution as well as project handover involving customer engagement on site.

  • R&D

    Enriching our algorithms to find the most relevant customer insights, integrations for sub systems and sensors for customer systems or facilities.


    Working with customers, examining their methods of operation before and after system implementation and building an optimal solution.


    Developing technologies and enriching them with the ability to provide more information and insights.
    Creating new products and a suite of product solutions.


    Trade show appearances, advertising, social media, public relations, sales, event sponsorship, cause marketing. The sales and marketing team provide the right and customized solution to different customers according to their needs, culture and operation.


    CityShob offers units' establishment and capacity building services close to customer sites, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and best practices needed to meet today's challenges.
    Help our customers recruiting the right personnel, equipping them with the best tools possible, training them with the right methods that match the client’s evolving needs, requirements and limitations, and maintaining a high operational level at all times.


If you’d like to learn more about CityShob, please contact us. We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship.