CityShob believes technology and data have the power to make our cities safer, smarter and more prosperous places for all citizens. But due to the inter-connected nature of a city’s data ecosystems, getting a true picture of what’s happening in a city is increasingly difficult. At CityShob, we join the dots between multiple data systems, and go an important step further, by enabling actionable operational management of all a city’s vital assets.

Solutions for Cities, Critical Assets and Corporations

CityShob connects millions of data sources to create one actionable platform that manages all the assets of a city, critical asset or corporation. The CityShob Platform is a multi-domain, multi-agency, multi-sensor, IoT analytics driven platform which offers advanced applications and solutions.

CITYSHOB – Empowering Intelligent Cities

CityShob is an innovative, fast-growing, smart city enabler, backed by over a decade of experience and proven solutions deployed in cities around the world. We provide a full turn-key service for implementing advanced technology in cities, corporations or critical assets of any size. CityShob’s leading-edge products support future growth, increase security preparedness and improve efficiency. Our comprehensive and tailored solutions are modular and scalable, delivering advanced data analytics, and a wide range of applications and professional services – giving both public and private sectors the tools for smarter operational management and more informed decision-making.


  • Avi Shoham - CEO

    Avi Shoham CEO

    Avi  Shoham joined CityShob in 2020 his appointment followed a successful career as CEO of Asio Technologies and as CEO at Elbit Security System (an Elbit System Subsidiary) companies specializing in developing, manufacturing and selling Electro-Optical and Security Systems for the global defense and homeland security markets. Prior to that, Avi  served in various positions including a CEO of ITL Ltd. and as CEO of Mindcite  Ltd.  Avi served in the IDF (Lt. Col. res.) in series of command positions in an elite paratroop unit. Avi  holds an MBA in Business Management from Tel Aviv University, and is an alumnus of the Wharton / Tel Aviv University International Marketing Program.



  • Shay Malka - VP Operation

    Shay Malka VP Operation

    Shay Malka has a passion for providing service and leading professional services teams.  As VP Operation, Shay is responsible for delivery, services, operations, and customer success. He brings to the role his expertise in building and running services and delivery groups, developed through two decades of business and technical experience in the telecommunications, Cyber Security, health, and Homeland security segments of the software industry. Before joining CityShob in 2017, Shay held managerial roles in global companies such as Comverse, Logic, CyberArk and iMDsoft. Shay has a B.A in Computer science , majored in Information Systems.

  • Leon Noah - VP R&D

    Leon Noah VP R&D

    Leon Noah brings with him over two decades of software development experience, with a decade dedicated to software development management. He orchestrated the development of a pioneering air defence system and led the project through the entire software development lifecycle. Leon’s proficiency extends to advanced software development processes, encompassing meticulous planning, precise characterization, and seamless software delivery. Working at FLIR and Verint, he sharpened his skills and gained expertise in the management of R&D software development. With a client-centered approach, he leverages his extensive experience in software development to gain an understanding of customer needs. Leon holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and management, complemented by a Master’s in business administration.



  • Roman Ginzburg - Head of Technology

    Roman Ginzburg Head of Technology

    Roman Ginzburg joined CityShob in 2018 as a Software Architect, bringing with him vast experience in designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining large-scale IoT systems focusing on HLS and Command & Control businesses. Roman specializes in distributed system design and implementation focusing on clean architecture and maintainable software products. Roman professionalism combined with a strong passion for learning, gaining a deep understanding of new technology, and an amazing ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms made him the perfect fit to lead CityShob technologies. Prior to CityShob Roman worked as a Senior Software Engineer in various companies – including Logic Industries and Qognify. Roman holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Software Engineering from SCE – Shamoon College of Engineering.

  • Galina Branopolsky - QA Director

    Galina Branopolsky QA Director

    Galina brings to CityShob over 20 years of diverse and vast experience in Quality Assurance and Testing.
    Over the years, Galina acted as a key person in a variety of global high-tech companies and startups, focusing on quality, including building teams, creating testing methodologies, development of automation testing and leading teams to the success. Prior to joining CityShob, Galina served as Director of QA at GameFly and Electronic Arts, and was responsible for system testing and automation testing development of Cloud Gaming Platform. In her previous role as QA Group Manager at Logic Industries, Galina was responsible for all quality aspects of the Smart & Safe City solution as well as leading tests on customer sites. Galina earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Electronics from the Tel-Aviv University.

  • Barkan Adam - VP Sales & Marketing

    Barkan Adam VP Sales & Marketing

    Barkan Adam joined CityShob in 2023, an 8-year veteran in the Defense Industry, specializing in closing complex deals and generating AI/ML projects.  Barkan holds both an LLB and an MBA. With a background in command-and-control systems, Barkan, now VP Sales and Marketing, brings B2B and B2G experience, shaping CityShob’s future with a dynamic and innovative approach.

  • R&D

    Enriching our algorithms to find the most relevant customer insights, integrations for sub systems and sensors for customer systems or facilities.


    Helping our customers recruit the right personnel, equipping them with the best tools possible, training them in the right methods that match the client’s evolving needs, requirements and limitations, and maintaining a high operational level at all times.


    Developing technologies and enriching them with the ability to provide more information and insights.
    Creating new products and a suite of product solutions.


    Trade show appearances, advertising, social media, public relations, sales, event sponsorship, cause marketing. The sales and marketing team provide the right and customized solution to different customers according to their needs, culture and operation.


    Working with customers, examining their methods of operation before and after system implementation and building an optimal solution.

  • ISO 27001

    We are proud to be ISO 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) certificatified, one of the most globally recognized information security standards.


If you’d like to learn more about CityShob, please contact us. We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship.


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