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Chiapas has more than 5 million inhabitants and is the 8th largest state in Mexico. In order to bolster public safety, order, and sense of security of its citizens, the state had implemented Urban Shield C5 : a strategic solution for its Coordination, Control, Command, Communication and Computing Centers.


Chiapas is located in the southeastern region of Mexico. Just over 5 Million people live in this state that is comprised of 125 municipalities with territory that is slightly larger than that of West-Virginia. Emergency Services found it challenging to provide efficient and effective service, as collaboration, information-flow and resource allocation were hard to coordinate in this scale. This also had affected the public perception of the authorities’ performance. Although each Emergency Call Center in the State must employ an autonomous mechanism for the administration of its own sensors and aggregated data, it was necessary to implement synchronization between those centers in order to share knowledge and collaborate on operational decisions at the State level. Such synergy allows taking strategic actions in the area of public safety across the state.
It was important to identify inherent inefficiencies in the operation in order to help agencies improve the emergency services they provide to the public. This should be achieved through holistic resources administration and task allocation.


The state of Chiapas deployed a state-wide C5 Solution from Cityshob. The project combines the “C-Insight” intelligent platform, 9-1-1 call handling, video surveillance and specialized security technology subsystems, such as identification of suspicious people and vehicles, video analytics and panic buttons, among others. This enables consolidated operational management for emergency incidents and provides advanced tools for dealing with complex situations and decisions in real time. Using an audited system, also support for the analysis and research of completed incidents, in to provide a debrief mechanism that allows for learning and improvement.
Additionally, it is possible to extend the command center all the way to field operations through the mobile app “C-React”. The App that is installed on agents’ mobile devices enables them to be deployed and track incidents in real-time from the field. The information sent can be shared in real-time between organizations and agencies for better cooperation, coordination, and collaboration.
Finally, considering the importance of establishing such links within society, the “C-Share” smartphone application works as a mobile panic button for citizens. The app is free, and every citizen can use it to request help, report incidents or request services through their cell phone, from any location and at any time.

“By having C-Insight, video surveillance tasks have been optimized, and searches for incidents within videos have been streamlined, making it very practical to carry out various types of inquiries. Likewise, the configuration of home presets has helped to focus the cameras on strategic points and to follow-up with predefined gear options that are most common in the city.
In addition to the above, LPR consultation has resulted in the detection and location of vehicles reported to be illicit or stolen.”

Karina Moreno, Head of CALLE, Tuxtla Gutierrez.


Currently, the C-Insight intelligent platform has been implemented through the Coordination, Control, Command, Communication and Computing Center (“Urban Shield C5”) in 7 of the 10 CALLE (Centro de Atención de Llamadas de Emergencia ) centers located in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Tapachula, Palenque, Reforma, Comitán, Tonalá and San Cristóbal de las Casas, thus expanding emergency care and strengthening incident response, providing preventive surveillance in areas of interest, early identification of criminal incidents, suspicious people or vehicles, as well as the compilation and integration of information for prevention, risk control, creation of reports, statistical analysis and historical graphs.


The main objective of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSP) of the Government of the State of Chiapas, is the preservation of freedom, order and public safety, as well as safeguarding the integrity and rights of people through the prevention of crime and administrative offenses. The SSP is responsible for implementing programs to preserve, maintain and restore order in the state, by means of agencies committed to society, such as the State Preventive Police, State Highway Police, State Traffic Police, Auxiliary Police, State Police Citizen Force and the State Border Police.


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